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The NBS Frankfurt - Köln

Before the implementation of the NBS high-speed line Frankfurt-Cologne journey times of ICE were 2 hours and 15 minutes using the classical line of 226 km in the Valley of the Rhine, now thanks to new line convoys ICE3 takes less than an hour to run the 177 km. The NBS Cologne-Frankfurt line is designed for commercial use at speeds over 300 km/h and is the first application in Germany of ballastless way. A major engineering challenge was the tunnel of 2,375 metres near Limburg. In total there are 30 tunnels, 18 viaducts and 7,000 minor structures. This line differs from the previous German high-speed lines because it is designed purely for high-speed trains, and not for mixed-use. The ICE3 trains have distributed power on wagons and this has allowed the inclusion of very steep gradients, up to 4%, making the line similar to the French LGV. As in other cases, the line is complemented with a motorway, the A3, to limit the environmental impact. There are three intermediate stations in Limburg Süd Montabaur and Siegburg. The ICE3 manage all the services, often in pairs. Designed with the primary objective of reducing the weight and fuel consumption have eight carriages and have distributed power. The variant ICE3M can operate with four different voltages, in order to enable operations also in Belgium, Holland and France.

All images were shot in July 2011                          


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