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Eritrea: from Asmara to Massawa


In February 2010 I am on the streets of Asmara. Everything here bears witness to the passage of the Italians, and despite the dark years of civil war, Asmara is beautiful enough to look like a city of southern Italy. The climate is mild throughout the year, the avenues are surrounded by palm trees, there are many colonial-style buildings and everywhere written in Italian. Here Christians and Muslims live together peacefully: there is a prestigious mosque and a beautiful Catholic cathedral, an Orthodox church and a synagogue ... At the central market dominate the bright colors of fresh fruit and spices, while the recycling market workers can earn from waste material things unthinkable. My journey continues on to Massawa with the steam train. Immediately after the departure from the station in Asmara, located at over 2300 meters above sea level, the train descends to the lowlands. The view of the valley is breathtaking and often out of tunnels, looking out the window like flying. In the countries crossed by the railroad come wrapped in groups of children intrigued by the passage of the machine chugging. The activities of the villages are mainly agriculture and pastoralism. A Ghinda I have gone into its own in a colorful market, where the sounds and smells reminiscent of the most authentic Africa and I, only white person in the whole market, I felt at home when a group of kids and babies me surrounded starting to play with me like a big brother ... unfortunately it involved me so that I even forgot to take pictures ... Before arriving at Massawa travels through an arid lowlands traversed only by caravans of camels. Massawa, is the eritrean main port city and a springboard for visiting the beautiful islands of Dahlak. The old town is situated on an island connected to the mainland by a causeway and has a particular fascination with the superb mosque placed at its center. Unfortunately, the scars of the bombing due to the war with Ethiopia is still evident. Now I have to face the return journey, taking with me in Italy the famous "mal d'Africa".

                                                 Stefano Gazzoli 




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