Brescia Iseo Edolo railway

Thanks to the strong political support of Giuseppe Zanardelli June 21, 1885, it was possible to inaugurate the railway line between Brescia and Iseo. The construction of the line was slightly different from the current passing through the village of Passirano and Monterotondo. The management of the line was entrusted to the then net Adriatica. Iseo was a test station and had a rail connection with the marina to allow transshipment of goods on the boats and barges. Thanks to the SNFT in 1907 were also activated traits between Iseo-Pisogne-Breno and two years after the binary came up to Edolo. In 1911 this was changed to variations Rovato-Bornato/Calino-Iseo and Paderno-Bornato/Calino. In 1931 he was discharged stretch Paderno-Iseo Via Monterotondo.

The railway is at present is to the visitor as a secondary line is not electrified gauge ordinary and reduced speed. Since 1988 is operated by Ferrovie Nord, the regional public company, which is completing the technical adjustment of the line, signaling and unmanned level crossing


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