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Biaschina Tunnels



In Biaschina the engineers who designed the line had to resort to the method of the spiral ramps to overcome a height difference of over 200m. In the gorge there are two almost overlapping spiral ramps. The railroad, for those coming from the valley, crosses the river Ticino and enter into the gallery called "Travi" of 1547 m. At the exit of this gallery you can see below the tracks just before getting paths in the second tunnel ramp called "Pianotondo" of 1508 m. After the tunnel, there is the imposing viaduct, also called "Pianotondo". For those who keep the show from the valley can see three levels of the railway. In the attached slideshow you can see the Cisalpino ETR470 from Milan, which leads north going up the ramp, and going south down the goods train. The two trains pass at the second level.


Stefano Gazzoli



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