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Picture of the month archive
                           December 2018   Namib Desert
                           November 2018   Namib Desert
                           October 2018   Namibia
                           September 2018   Namibia
                           August 2018   Etosha
                           July 2018   Damaraland
                           June 2018   Walvis Bay
                           May 2018   Walvis Bay
                           April 2018   Etosha
                           March 2018   Etosha
                           February 2018   Himba
                           January 2018   Kalahari
                           December 2017   Singapore
                           November 2017   Serralunga D'Alba, Italy
                           October 2017   Sunrise, Indonesia
                           September 2017   Railway Station Indonesia
                           August 2017   Mount Bromo, Indonesia
                           July 2017   Indonesian children
                           June 2017   Langhe Italy
                           May 2017   The Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy
                           April 2017   Scotland
                           March 2017   Indonesia
                           February 2017   Florence
                           January 2017   Bernina
                           December 2016   Cat's eye
                           November 2016   Yala National Park Sri Lanka
                           October 2016   Frecciarossa, Milan Italy
                           September 2016   Yala National Park Sri Lanka
                           August 2016   Mosel, Neef Germany
                           July 2016   Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany Italy
                           June 2016   Yala National Park Sri Lanka
                           May 2016   The Mosel river, Germany
                           April 2016   Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
                           March 2016   Tuscany
                           February 2016   Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka
                           January 2016   Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
                           December 2015   Bridge over theMosel, Bullay Germany
                           November 2015   Squirrel in Fuerteventura
                           October 2015   Matanzas, Cuba
                           September 2015   The Chateau Lagrange Saint-Julien, France
                           August 2015   San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy
                           July 2015   Bagan, Myanmar
                           June 2015   The Kuala Lumpur Monorail
                           May 2015   The Mosel river, Germany
                           April 2015   San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany Italy
                           March 2015   Bordeaux, Place de la Bourse
                           February 2015   Petronas Twin Towers
                           January 2015   Fog in Rovato, Italy
                           December 2014   The tram of Barcelona
                           November 2014   Barcelona Plaza Catalunya
                           October 2014   Sandakan, Sabah Malaysian Borneo FishingVillage
                           September 2014   Orang Utan (Pongo Pigmeus)Sabah Malaysia
                           August 2014   Fuerteventura Playa esmeralda
                           July 2014   Beilstein Mosel
                           June 2014   Sankt Jodok, Austria
                           May 2014   Chestnut Munia (Lonchura Malacca) Sabah Malaysia
                           April 201  Sunset at Rovato
                           March 2014   Crocodile in the Kinabatangan river Sabah Malaysia
                           February 2014   Wassen, Switzerland
                           January 2014   Snorkeling at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Malaysia
                           December 2013   The tram of Reims, France
                           November 2013   Machu Picchu
                           October 2013   Eritrea
                           September 2013   Seville Metro centro
                           August 2013   Venezia
                           July 2013   Coblenz, the Moselle Bridge
                           June 2013   Gran Canaria, Maspalomas dunes
                           May 2013   ICE 3 on the railway line Cologne Frankfurt
                           April 2013   The eyes of Cuba
                           March 2013   Turtle in Sri Lanka
                           February 2013   Night in Paris
                           January 2013   Lago di Braies, Italy
                           December 2012   Winter in Franciacorta, Italy
                           November 2012   Reptile from Sri Lanka
                           October 2012   Through the Mojave Desert
                           September 2012   Penguins of South Africa
                           August 2012   Autumn in Switzerland
                           July 2012   Floriana
                           June 2012   Regional train, Sri Lanka
                           May 2012   Monkeys, Sri Lanka
                           April 2012   Bagan, Myanmar
                           March 2012   Along the lake of Iseo
                           February 2012   Floating market, Thailand
                           January 2012   Jitong railway
                           December 2011   Dunes of Merzouga, Morocco
                           November 2011   Steam train across Franciacorta region
                           October 2011   Milano-Venezia railway line
                           September 2011   Isabella
                           August 2011   The St. Gotthard line
                           July 2011   Asmara market
                           June 2011   Valentina
                           May 2011   Zürich HB
                           April 2011   Smiles from Eritrea
                           March 2011   Nai Yang beach, Phuket Thailand
                           February 2011   Moncullo bridge Eritrea
                           January 2011   Isabella
                           December 2010   Landscape of Maldives
                           November 2010   Near Iseo
                           October 2010   Souvenir from Cuba
                           September 2010   Athena
                           August 2010   Eyes of Indian ocean
                           July 2010   Africa
                           June 2010    Landwasser Viaduktd
                           May 2010   USA on the road
                           April 2010   TGV Duplex
                           March 2010   Ballestas Islands Perù
                           February 2010   Lubrication
                           January 2010   The Jumbo and the Boat
                           December 2009   Kaaimans River Bridge:  South Africa
                           November 2009   Sara
                           October 2009   Smiles from Cuba
                           September 2009   Heron

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